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Lab Created Diamonds

Lab diamonds are real diamonds that are made up of actual carbon atoms organized within the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Lab made diamonds are produced through advanced mechanical procedures that duplicate the conditions under which precious stones are created in nature, thereby forming the same proportionate optical and synthetic properties as mined diamonds.

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Diacentre – for all your diamond needs…

For over 20 years Diacentre has been operating out of New York’s famed Diamond District as diamond and jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers with clients throughout the United States and select markets abroad. Our expertise in the fine diamond jewelry market and unyielding focus on customer service ensure that our retail and wholesale clientele think of us first and foremost to fulfill all their diamond needs.

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Diamond earns their value based on their grades on the 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. In a perfect flawless diamond, you will find a perfect fusion of all four components. Each element has its own importance but if you ask an expert, he’ll folk your focus on one thing; Cut. Those graded as Ideal and Excellent are most fairly in the brilliant shape.

Insist on a diamond report

A diamond is a precious jewel that has its complexities. It is highly recommended for the customers to insist on their dealers for a report number of the diamond. This reported number can be used to check the grading report directly from the portal of GIA; which is an institute focused on the research and understanding of Gemology. The Cut is graded as Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.

Look for a gem that weights a bit less than your target size

Let me share with you a mistake most of the time the customer makes. When you enter a showroom full of diamonds, you lose your ability to decide what to choose, and most of the time, despite your fixed budget; you tend to purchase a pricey diamond. Here’s the tip for you; ‘Always look for a gem that weighs less than your target size’

Protect your Purchase

Protecting the diamond through the means of insurance is highly suggested. It costs approx. $1.5 for every 100 dollars that it would cost to replace it. It means if your diamond’s replaceable cost is $10,000 then it would cost you around $100/ year to insure it. The cost might differ from city to country but it is nothing when it comes to protecting a precious jewel.